Catering Menu

Hosting a party or planning a special event for your home or workplace? Choose from a variety of delicious catering options, detailed below. Call us at 647.344.7862 or email us at info@bombaystreetfood.ca. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event!

Add Dessert  (See choices below) or Lassi (Mango or Sweet) to one of these menus  for an additional $4.99 per person



Spice up any event with one of our signature platters, featuring an array of delicious appetizers from our menu (with a few special ones thrown in too!). Each platter serves 8-10 people and comes with our super house-made chutneys: Teekha Chutney (Green), Tamarind Date Chutney, and our Chili Garlic Ketchup.


From November 20th to January 15th, every platter comes with a complimentary dozen of our delicious homemade Nankhatai cookies (Indian shortbread)!


The Vegetarian Appetizer Platter
8 Sabudhana Vadas, 10 Khao Galli Pakoras (featuring seasonal vegetables), 7 Mini Potato Vadas, 8 Aloo Paneer Tikkis

The Mixed Platter
7 Mini Potato Vadas, 7 Vegetable Samosas, 7 Tandoori Chicken Wings or 7 pieces Chicken Farcha, 7 Beef Samosas

The Assorted Platter
8 Onion Bhajiyas, 8 Sabudhana Vadas, 6 Beef Shami Kebabs, 6 Baby Kebabs (chicken), 6 Tandoori Chicken Wings

The Assorted Platter 2
8 skewers Masala Shrimp (3 shrimp per skewer), 8 Beef Paniwala Kebabs, 8 Bread & Cheese Pakoras, 7 Fish Kebabs, 8 Corn Cheese Balls


A Box of Bombay-style Stuffed Sandwiches

An assortment of sandwiches made with our famous pav (2 pcs each). Served with our signature BSF salad.
$15 per person / 10 person minimum


Kheema Pav
Medium spiced savoury ground beef garnished with chopped ginger, crispy onions, coriander, yoghurt sauce and served on a warm buttered griddled pav buns

Vada Pav
Battered deep fried spicy seasoned mashed potato fritter, served on a buttered griddled pav buns with three chutneys.

Eggplant Bhaji Pav
A crispy eggplant fritter served on a warm buttered griddled pav bun with chutney and a kachumber of vine ripened tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and coriander


A box of chicken, fish and vegetarian Bombay-style Frankie wraps.

Served with our signature BSF salad
$15 per person / 10 person minimum (1 pc each)


Chicken Frankie
Mild chicken curry, red onion, cabbage, coriander, lemon juice, egg and rolled in a soft freshly made roti

Koliwada Fish Frankie
Marinaded haddock, deep fried in a gram flour batter, with red onion, cabbage, coriander, lemon juice, egg and rolled in a soft freshly made roti

Potato Paneer Frankie
Seasoned potatoes and paneer cheese with red onion, cabbage, coriander, lemon juice, egg and rolled in a soft freshly made roti


A Box of Bombay Sandwiches and Kheema Toasties

$15 per person / 10 person minimum

Bombay Sandwich
Griddled sandwich filled with thin slices of beets, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, cheese and coriander chutney

Kheema and Cheese Toastie Sandwich
Griddled sandwich filled with savoury ground beef and mozzarella cheese

Spicy Potato Sticks
(Made in house)


Enjoy street-style snacks in the comfort of your own home or office, prepared by one of our chaat specialists!

$17.99 per person • 10 person minimum • Includes Cost of Server


Sev Puri
Flat puris topped with potatoes, green mango, chutneys and Bengal gram flour noodles

Dahi Puri
Crispy puris served with a potato and lentil stuffing, topped with yogurt and various chutneys.

Pani Puri
Crispy puris filled with lentils, potatoes, tangy tamarind chutney and topped with a fresh mint coriander water

Bhel Puri
Puffed rice mixed with a delicious chaat mixture and various chutneys.


A Selection of our Top Sellers

$19.55 per person • 10 person minimum


Salli Chicken
Spicy sweet and sour Parsi style chicken curry topped with crispy potato chip sticks and chopped coriander

Aromatic Red Lentil Stew

Basmati Rice

Seasonal Veggie Curry



$5.75 per person

Warm up any event with our delicious authentic chai served piping hot with our delicious house-made cookies!