How to Play Baccarat: Explanation of the Game Rules

A very popular game in Canada, online baccarat is said to be a cousin of blackjack, which is not wrong historically speaking, even if the two games have had very different fates. But how exactly do you play baccarat? Don’t panic, we are here to guide you and you will see that it is a very simple game!

How Does a Baccarat Game Work?

Baccarat is associated with many games, including the 19th-century star, chemin de fer. Baccarat officially appeared in Las Vegas casinos around 1930 and has become a standard game in both land-based and online establishments. It has been featured in several James Bond films, including the first in James Bond vs Dr. No in 1962.

The aim of the game is to ‘predict’ the value of a hand and bet on the one you think is the best. The dealer uses several packs of cards, from six to eight, placed in a shoe. There are two parties: the bank and the players, also known as the deck. To start, the player places his bet on the Banker’s hand or on the deck. He also has the choice of splitting his bets to bet on a tie between the two hands. After the bets have been validated, the dealer deals two cards to the bank and two to the player. They are turned over and the values are calculated. The dealer may have to deal a third card to either party if necessary. Victory goes to the hand that is closest to the value of 9.

How to Play Baccarat

How Much Are the Cards Worth?

A classic pack of cards is divided into three categories. The so-called numerical cards retain their face value in the game of baccarat. Unlike most card games, the 10 and the silhouettes, i.e. the jack, queen and king are worth zero points. Finally, the Ace, the star of any pack of cards, will earn you one point.

Card Counting Rules

When a hand exceeds 10 points, there are two ways to decide the value. Either you subtract 10 from the value of the hand or you remove the number from the value. For example, if you have two 8s, you have a 16-point hand. To reduce this value to less than 10, you either subtract 10 from it or remove the tens digit, leaving you with a new hand of 6.

How Is Baccarat Paid?

The player who bets on his winning hand wins one time his bet. The player who bets on the bank and wins takes one time his bet minus 5% (which is the casino’s commission). Finally, the player who bets on the tie and is correct wins 8 times his bet.