Roulette Odds: All Useful Data

Roulette is a straightforward game. Simply set your wagers at the table and hope for the best as the wheel spins. Here’s a quick rundown of the various roulette bets and the probabilities for each of them. Some of these wagers may have escaped your notice previously, so pay attention! As you scroll down the page, the following list is based on the respective payouts for each roulette bet, starting with the lowest payment and working up to the highest payouts.

roulette guide

Red/Black – 1:1 (47.37%)

The colour bet is a popular wager with chances of 1:1. Let’s say you bet C$5 on red, and the ball falls on red after the wheel is spun. You will receive C$5 back in addition to C$5 in prizes, for a total of C$10.

Pair / Impair – 1:1 (47.37%)

The odd and even boxes, like the colour bet, offer the same payoff with the same roulette odds whether you hit even, odd, red, or black. The green ‘0’, however, does not qualify as even or odd.

19-361-18 / 19-36 – 1:1 (47.37%)

These bets divide the table in half, allowing you to wager on the lower half of the numbers (1-18) and the upper half of the higher numbers with one bet (19-36). ‘Miss’ and ‘Pass’ are other terms for the same thing.

Dozen – 2:1 (31.58%)

The Dozen bet allows the player to wager on three separate games involving 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-27, and 28-36. Even though this wager has somewhat better odds (2:1) than even money, the chances of winning on a roll are slightly lower.

Row Bet Column – 2:1 (31.58%)

The column bet is similar to the dozens bet, but instead of dividing the table into three pieces widthwise, it splits it into three sections lengthwise. Like the Dozen Bet, each of these bets has improved 2:1 odds.

6 Number Bet – 5:1 (15.79%)

This form of wager isn’t always offered at online casinos, although it may be found in the majority of them. This bet, which is sometimes ignored by new players, allows you to gamble on six numbers at once by placing a bet on two adjacent rows.

4 Number Bet – 8:1 (10.53%)

The 4 Number Bet, sometimes known as the ‘Square’ bet, allows you to wager on four neighbouring numbers at once. Although the chances of striking any of these numbers are slim, the winnings are substantial when luck is on your side.

3 Number Bet- 11:1 (7.89%)

The chip is put at the edge of one of the rows, rather than at the margins of two rows, as in the 6 Number Bet. A “Cross Bet” is the name for this type of wager.

2 Number Bet – 17:1 (5.26%)

It’s at this point that the odds start to matter. A 2 Number Bet, also known as a Horse Bet, lets you place a wager on two adjacent numbers, with odds of 17:1 – the second-highest payoff at the roulette wheel.

Single Number Bet – 35:1 (2.63%)

The Single Number Stake, sometimes known as the “Full” bet, is the most popular at the roulette wheel, with chances of 35:1. Simply place your wager on a number and pray for the best.

So, when playing Roulette online, here are all the potential bets and their odds (or live for that matter). There are no limits to how many bets you can place at the table, so have fun and watch what happens. Just remember to have a good time!